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Round Ten - Tim Rourke

Round Ten - Tim Rourke

June 20, 2019

- With Lappo missing again the boys really start to question his motives.

- Blues President Tim Rourke joins the boys in the studio to fill them in about Australia's energy crisis and his late night hot pie tendency. 

- After Hamish's day on special comments for RSN, Funk recounts his favourite nuggets of wisdom from the towball.

- Hamish has a very rare leopard sighting and Rourkey breaks news with his horse to watch!

Round Nine - Jamie Mugavin

Round Nine - Jamie Mugavin

June 13, 2019

- After Queens Birthday bye, the boys are excited about Hammer's bright future.

- Jamie Mugavin joins the boys in the studio, not to talk about his football ability.

- Lappo is reports in from Mykonos and the boys gear up for a big Saturday. 

Round Eight - Kornel Dachs

Round Eight - Kornel Dachs

May 30, 2019

- Alpine Trout Farms join the podcast team as new sponsor

- Intercontinental German coaching export Kronwheel Darches joins the boys to discuss his recipes for a perfect steak and his post game rituals with Sugar

- An audio leopard gets heard this week and the boys give their horses you can watch this weekend

Round Seven - Justin Jamieson

Round Seven - Justin Jamieson

May 24, 2019

- Missing Hamish this week; Lappo, Walks and Funk discuss the weekends footy with a raised hair to scalp ratio in the studio.

- Justin Jamieson, life member of Uni Blues tells all about his pre-game timezone trips and the spa pavvy.

- A sunbaker from the weekend gets roasted again in another bone to pick, the boys have an international leopard sighting and they prepare their horses to watch 

Round Six - Richie Vandenberg

Round Six - Richie Vandenberg

May 16, 2019

- Man down this week; Lappo, Funk and the Towball digest the weekends footy

- Past Hawthorn superstar Richie Vandenberg joins the boys to talk grapes and going to the moon

- The boys discuss the whereabouts of Harold Holt and the leopards spotted this week. 

Round Four - Josh Caldow

Round Four - Josh Caldow

May 3, 2019

- The boys catch-up after an eventful Round three away

- Mayor of Multiplex Josh Caldow joins us in the studio

- Lappo takes control with a 'blues bone to pick'

- What leopards were spotted? Who are this weeks horses to watch?

Round Three - Kaitlyn Ashmore

Round Three - Kaitlyn Ashmore

April 25, 2019

- Four wins in Round Two led to some interesting stories for the boys to discuss

- Mugars and AFLW superstar Kaitlyn Ashmore joins the boys in the studio to discuss pending Mugars and Blues social functions and her AFLW career

-Couple of rare leopard sightings this week

- Your horses to watch for Round Four 

Round Two - Josh Green

Round Two - Josh Green

April 12, 2019

- The boys discuss an eventful Round One

- Josh Green talks everything from his full name to his pre game rituals to his pets' names

- Whos been spotted this week?

- Saturday's horses to watch

Round One - Heath Jamieson

Round One - Heath Jamieson

April 4, 2019

Debut outing for the Uni Blues Podcast

- The boys discuss pending outing to Brighton

- Heath Jamieson opens up about his life and new appointment as senior coach

- Leopards they have 'spotted' during the week

- Horses to watch on Saturday


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Uni Blues Podcast - Coming in 2019

Uni Blues Podcast - Coming in 2019

February 26, 2019

Coming for the 2019 season, a University Blues Podcast.

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